Pre-book: Online Summer Courses: August 14-20

Pre-book: Online Summer Courses: August 14-20

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Our Summer Courses focus on improving the core skills students require. The Summer Courses are the ideal way to prepare for the start of the new academic year. 

The Summer Courses are designed specifically for students starting DP2, but due to the small class sizes can benefit students starting DP1 as well. Please contact us first to discuss the possibilities.

In the IB.Academy Summer Course you will:

  • Build a strong foundation for the topics covered during the next academic year
  • Highlight key areas in topics students generally have difficulty with
  • Revise syllabus materials that you struggled with so far
  • Practice with IB exam-style questions

Express your interest.

By booking a Summer Course with us now for 0 euro you can express your interest in our courses. Based on the interest we receive we will create a schedule, specially adapted to make sure that our courses can help as many students as possible.

Pre-booking ensures a place for you in our course, but with no strings attached from your side. Once we finalize the course schedule you will receive an invitation to book the course, with an attractive offer!

Our summer courses will be held online. During each day students will receive some lectures, practice questions, and individual help.

The exact schedule and course price is to be determined.


If you would like more information, feel free to email us at