Tutoring Introduction

Tutoring Introduction

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An introductory session is required before private tutoring can begin. It is a two-hour meeting during which the tutor assesses the student’s level, and in which the student and tutor get to know each other, create a tutoring schedule, and start the first lesson. If you would like us to begin searching for a tutor, please book this introductory tutor session. If we cannot find a suitable tutor then we will issue a full refund.


Booking the introductory session starts the process to find a suitable tutor: 

  • €47,50 for a 1-hour assessment + lesson
  • Online Tutoring will be invoiced at €47,50/hr
  • Minimum 1 week to match suitable tutor
  • Together with the student, the tutor will create a schedule with personalized 'milestones' for students outlined

Don’t see your subject?

Select ‘Other’ and mention your desired subject when completing the booking. We will see if we have a suitable tutor available, but please note that it may require more time.