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* Winter Course 2021: Rooms have not been arranged via IB.Academy for this course period. For those that require accommodation, we advise to make your own arrangements. If you book at the Mitland Hotel, please let us know as we can make the travel arrangements to and from the venue.

For students who would otherwise have to travel too far, we offer the convenience of staying at the Mitland Hotel during our courses. Breakfast, access to the recreation facilities and transportation to/from the course venue are included. Our staff will be present as well.

Twin room: €70- per person per night*
Single room: €130,- per person per night

When you choose twin accommodation we will match you with a student of the same gender, or you can send us an email if you would like to share the room with a friend.

If you are arriving the day before courses or would like to continue a stay for a second course, please select the ‘3 nights’ option.


* In light of the circumstances surrounding the novel coronavirus, twin rooms will not be offered.

Note: once booked with the hotel, we cannot offer refund after cancellation unless we can fill the spot with a new booking. Discount coupons cannot be used since we offer accommodation at cost. Should you have any queries, feel free to contact us at